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Building your own website is the easiest way to make your company more visible. Still, 16% of small businesses see internet as a threat rather than an opportunity.
Look at it like a better and more interactive version of our good old Yellow Pages and you will never question again how useful a website can be.

Nowadays the internet is an essential tool of communication. However, for the common man, creating a website is still demanding. It does look complicated when you first look into it. Especially for those unfamiliar with programming languages.

That's why we, at, have decided to make it easy to create your own webpages.
We guide you step by step in your website building. Optimal simplicity, rapidity and visibility are the watchwords of AUTOWEB-CREATOR.

Free Website Creation - No Ties.

We offer you the possibility of freely hosting your website on our domain (ie: Without any Engagement on your part. You can create your website and access to all our editing function.

unlimited Webpages. There's no limit: You can control as many with webpages as you like, or need.

Additionally, for only 15 dollars per month, you can own your domain name. We strongly recommend that you choose a domain name ( that relates to your activity. If your company name is ELLEN LTD, and you are a clothing manufacturer, then choose the following domain name:
This is the best way to obtain good positioning in search engines results.
To make sure that you obtain a high rate of visits, feel free to use our keywords tools. This will help rank better and get more online traffic from Google and Yahoo. Don't forget any other search engines you would like to put on your side.

Simple - Quick - Flexible.

Creating your website has never been so simple, You only have to check our online preview. and try it by yourself. No need to register to give it a go. You will create a website in minutes, so Try it!
Creating your website is like a walk in the parc.

You are free to use AUTOWEB-CREATOR to build as many websites as you like.

Optimized Visibility.

Our product is especially designed to grant you a maximum number of visitors. With our positioning tips, you will optimize the impact of your website on search engines. Your company will be visible by more customers, and you will make more sales or contacts.

Compatible and Secured.

The validation by us of your webpages through the Internet Consortium Norm (w3c), ensures the compatibility of your online money maker (your website or webpage) with all the browsers and operating systems. This allows your business or your work to be visible for all.

The use of passwords guarantees confidentiality and privacy. Nobody else than you can make changes to your website.

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