Create your webpages online with Autoweb-Creator free templates.

How to modify the pages content

Every page contains several columns. When you create a page, the column will be automatically filled with default content: a title, a subtitle, a section, an image, a second subtitle and a second section.
If you wish to have a different appearence, you can easily delete some content by clicking on 'Delete content' in the edition menu.
To delete the whole content of a column, you need to click on 'Delete content' until the following message pops up: No more content to delete.

It is then up to you to add the contents of your choice.
You can do it by clocking on 'Add content' in the edition menu. You can add all the contents you need once for all. You can choose the content type, then click on add content. You can add another content which will be placed under the previous. This way, you can design you own web page as you desire.

Examples of web pages content

Images gallery

You can create an images gallery by deleting all the center contents of your web page. Then, you just need to add images as many pages as you wish.

Products list

You can easily create a list of the products that you sell. To do this, you only need to add a subtitle and an image to each product.


You can create a newspaper article on your website, by adding a title, a subtitle, and a section, like you do with any text editor.