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Design of the menu of your website

You website menu is represented by the page titles separated with commas. You can edit the menu by clicking on 'Change menu' in the editor menu.

When you access the page of menu modification, you will find the page names of your menu separated by commas. To add a link to a new page, you just need to enter the name of the new page.

Example of menu implementation

Every title corresponds to a page of your website. Let's suppose you are building a site about flowers.
You can do an introduction to your site on the page named 'Home'.
You create then a page about roses called 'roses', another page about tulips called 'Tulips', another about 'Violets', etc..
To build your menu, you just need to write in the menu edit: Roses, Tulips, Violets, etc..
Names should be separated by commas.

Attention, the home page and its link are created automatically when you create the site. It is not necessary then to add a link called 'Home'.
On the other hand, do not delete the 'home' page of your site. When deleted, your website visitors will not be able to return to your home page after visiting another page.